Behind The Lens with Adam Rindy

In the midst of the sky-high palm trees, intricate tiling and gorgeous archways, our Moroccan Rapture photo shoot felt more like an exotic vacation than two days of work. Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs was the perfect place to capture the inspiration for our inaugural Fall/Winter 2014 line and keep the good vibes flowing.

Between the multiple wardrobe changes and constant creative ideas from our photographer, there wasn't a ton of time to get to know the man behind the lens. Luckily Ashley Smith, OTHERWORLD founder and designer, was able to sneak in a quick Q&A with our talented photographer Adam Rindy.

 Adam shooting  the gorgeous Casey Richards in our Grand Casablanca print. 

Q: What’s your fave part about being a fashion photographer, and what’s the most challenging thing about it? 

A: My favorite part about working as a fashion photographer would have to be getting to meet so many different people all the time. On every single job there is a different crew and opportunity to make new connections and new friends. The most challenging part is trying to envision exactly what the client wants. Everyone has a different idea of what they want the end product to look like, so finding a creative medium between myself and the client can be tricky sometimes.  

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you do for a living?

A: If I wasn't a photographer, I still think I would be in the creative industry, somehow. I really enjoy graphic design, and I wish I was better at web design. I could definitely see myself doing something along those lines. 

 (From left to right) Leila Baboi, Adam Rindy, Casey Richards, Ashley Smith, Karina Moore and Sam Worley - the Moroccan Rapture shoot dream team!

Q: If you could go totally off the grid (no phones, no computer) on an epic adventure, where would you go, and who would you go with? 

A: If I could just disappear on vacation, I would definitely try to go somewhere relaxing and tropical with a beautiful beach, like Tahiti or the Maldives. As for whom I’d take, probably the first pretty girl that agreed to come with me (haha).

Q: Tell us one thing not many people know about you.  

A: I feel like I'm a super open person so it's hard to think of things that people don't already know about me! 

A sneak peek of Adam shooting our upcoming Indonesian Tides Spring/Summer 2015 collection. 

Q: Finish this sentence: Wander with _________.

A: Excitement. I think it's important to be excited and positive about everything you're doing in life.   

Yes, excited is one word we would use to describe the opportunity to work with Adam. Look out for more OTHERWORLD collaborations with him!


Written by Danielle Beckford

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