From a Local’s Point of View: Harriet Bennina gives us the scoop on living in Marrakech

Majorelle Garden in Marrakech.

Morocco is one of our favorite places on earth. The landscapes, smells, sounds, textiles and colors are simply breathtaking. While traveling throughout Morocco in 2012, we had the pleasure of meeting Harriet, who lives in Morocco with her husband Yassine. We caught up with Harriet after launching the OTHERWORLD Moroccan Rapture collection and she shared with us the highlights and realities of living in Marrakech.

“Most mornings my husband goes to our little Hanout (corner shop) and brings back Msmen (a flat bread eaten with cheese and honey), while I make a pot of fresh mint tea."

The day unravels once Harriet’s husband drops her off at work - she teaches English at a nearby school and manages the online marketing for Bennina Shoes, her husband’s company. When lunch time approaches, she often spends it with a friend.

“My colleague and I head to a local cafe where we have chicken shwarma and freshly squeezed orange juice. If it's a Friday, we tend to go to another cafe near the school that makes amazing couscous.”

The city comes to life at night while some stay in and others take on an evening adventure. Harriet says that the main square, Djamma el Fna, is the only place that’s busy the entire evening.

Harriet touring the gorgeous Bahia Palace, filled with intricate tiled mosaics.

When the work week comes to end, Harriet likes to visit a few of her favorite spots. The old slave market is on the top of her list. The market offers products at a cheaper price than the souks. Besides this hidden shopping area, Harriet also likes to go the Majorelle Gardens and travel to high altitudes. 

“I like to go into the mountains on the weekend. There’s a little place called Asni and its just gorgeous, especially in Spring when the cherry blossoms cover the hills. If we can't be bothered to venture far we tend to go to one of the hotels on the outskirts of the city where we sit by the pool and treat ourselves to a fancy lunch."

 Harriet and Yassine venture to the waterfalls of the Atlas Mountains.  

The OTHERWORLD tagline, “Wander with Purpose,” is something Harriet embodies through her lifestyle in Marrakech. So, we asked her to give us her own remix of our tagline. Here’s what she had to say:

“Wander with your eyes and mind open. So many people walk through life so engrained in their own culture that they can't fathom another culture exists. So, by opening your mind, you take down barriers you might not have known you had.”

Written by: Danielle Beckford

Head to www.bennina.com to view Harriet and Yassine's beautiful shoe line.

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