Supa Stylin' with Leila Baboi


Here at OTHERWORLD, we spend months planning our photo shoots - the props, location, models and styling are all carefully thought through. Seeing a collection develop from sketch to garment is a blast, but creating otherworldly images that transport the viewers to an exotic location is what truly makes our hearts go pitter patter. There's a special gal behind the styling of our shoots: Leila Baboi. She brings in all the glamorous jewelry, shoes, swimwear and clothes to help accessorize OTHERWORLD to the fullest. We had a chance to chat with her about her job, her love of adventure and whose closet we should all envy.

OTHERWORLD: What’s your favorite part about being a stylist?
LEILA: Working with so many different creative inspiring individuals is one of the best parts about being a stylist; but being able to dream up a project or idea and seeing it come to fruition is pretty incredible. (we agree!)

OTHERWORLD: What’s the most special item in your wardrobe - the one that you simply won’t give up or let anyone else borrow?
LEILA: Honestly, there really isn’t anything that I wouldn’t be able to give up or let someone else borrow. In my opinion its all material things, which I have no problem sharing with others. Plus, fashion moves so quickly; one day your leather jacket is the best thing in the world, and three months later, you're in love with something completely different. If a piece of clothing makes me feel fabulous, I would never hesitate to share that same feeling with a friend. 

OTHERWORLD: Whose closet do you want to rummage through?
LEILA: Carine Roitfeld (editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris)

OTHERWORLD: Now that you’ve styled the Moroccan Rapture, Indonesia Tides and East Side Opulence collections, you’ve probably got deserts, beaches, mountains and travel on your mind. Where's your next dream destination? 
LEILA: I’d love to go to South America, Brazil or Argentina .

OTHERWORLD: What's your Favorite OTHERWORLD print and why?
LEILA: I love so many of them I can't pick only one!!! But if I had to choose, I really love the prints in the upcoming East Side Opulence collection, especially the Great Wall print. They have a richness to them that makes them so elegant and special.

OTHERWORLD: Finish this sentence: Wander with _______.


Not much more we can say to follow that up ;)

Head www.leilababoi.com to see some of Leila's work.


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