How to do your resolutions right this New Year

By guest blogger Alison Cebulla

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”- Ferris in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

New Year’s resolutions offer us the perfect opportunity to “look around” at our lives and decide what has to go and what we want to create. Think back on the last year or the last decade of your life. Did you live with intention, creating and meeting personal goals and challenges, or did you just try to get from day to day? Did you consciously evaluate your habits and routines and then readjust your life’s game plan?

However you answered these questions, I give you full permission to take a new lease on life in 2015. Don’t get discouraged if you have failed at your resolutions in the past. This is a new year and you get to start fresh. Don’t let naysayers give you a hard time about past failures. Tune them out and make a commitment to yourself. Keeping resolutions and changing old ways takes effort, commitment, and determination. But you can do it!

Here are some tips on how to do your resolutions right this New Year:

Burn something- Decide what parts of yourself are not coming with you into 2015. Write a letter of goodbye and then hold a funeral for the parts of you you’re letting go. Maybe it’s nostalgic thoughts about an ex, putting yourself down, or verbal complaining--whatever it is, say goodbye for good and do it with artistic flare, like you mean it. Then really be done.

Make them specific- “Read 1 book a month” is a much more attainable goal than “read more books.” Be as specific as possible. Don’t just “exercise more”; train for and sign up for a 5k or 10k race. Don’t just “talk to family”; commit to calling your parents once a week, every Sunday night.

Go public- Invite your friends over for a “Bucket List Party” at the start of 2015 and brainstorm a list of all the stuff you want to do. Create a blog and write about your progress, posting entries to your Facebook wall. You’ll not only be held accountable but you’ll inspire others.

Put it on your calendar- If you have fitness goal to run 3x/week, make a date with yourself. When I trained for the NYC Marathon this year I put my training schedule on my google calendar. I never really wanted to run say, 20miles, but if it was on my schedule then I had to do it! If you want to read one book per month, join a book club and schedule it in. If you want to travel more, set a date now for your next trip and commit to it. Want to save more money? Choose a day each month where you transfer money to savings and add that too. Better yet--pick a day and time that’s the same each week to look at your finances so you’re consistently fully aware of what you’re spending and saving.

Push yourself outside your comfort zone-

Have you seen this picture before? You know in your core that its truth, don’t you? Make it your mantra this upcoming year and see what kind of magic you can manifest. When you feel uncomfortable, you know change is happening, then you’ll readjust to the new way of being. When I ran my first marathon in 2013 I begged God to please just let me finish, I was so miserable. In 2014 I ran another marathon and had a blast. You body/mind will readjust as it grows. If you feel like you’re good and cozy in this “comfort zone,” it’s time to step yo’ game up! This year I want to learn how to be a better swimmer. It terrifies me so I’ll bet it’s what I exactly need.

Think holistically- As you make your resolutions think about all the things that make a full, rich life: stable finances, healthy food, physical activity, good sex, closeness with a romantic partner, a fulfilling career, close relationships with friends and family, community service, connections with community, the ability to learn and grown, and a spiritual practice. Which areas need some more attention? Use this wheel of life or similar to guide your holistic resolutions.

Make it a game- Literally. Make a literal game board with paper and markers. Your resolutions can be game squares or flowers or cats or whatever you want! Move your game piece along the game or give yourself points when you complete a goal then reward yourself when you reach benchmarks. Example: give yourself a point every time you go to the gym. If you get 10 points you reward yourself with a massage. Be creative!

Work with a coach- When athletes want to get better or faster, they train with a coach who will push them to work harder. When things are hard and we want to give up, having someone there to encourage, believe, and motivate us can make all the difference. I started working with a life coach this year and she helped me create a challenge to see how much fun I could have without drinking alcohol for 6 months. With her support I pushed myself much harder than I would have otherwise. I loved the benefits of working with a coach so much that I became one myself! The main thing I tell my clients is “You know what’s right for you, but there’s not need to do it alone.” Coaching is that needed personal connection that makes everything seem more possible. Curious what it’s like to work with a coach? Check out my website and feel free to drop me a line. Since my clients come to me by referral or word-of-mouth only, please be sure to mention “OTHERWORLD” in your message.

Good luck creating your resolutions for 2015! Don’t miss out on your life. Create the one you want.


Alison Cebulla is a certified health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a certified color aroma therapist. She holds a bachelor of science from the University of California, Berkeley. Alison leads hundreds of people each month in online 30-day behavioral challenges for kinder living. Her writing on kindness has been published in The Huffington Post. She has spoken at conferences globally and within the states on how to build trust. www.alisoncebulla.com

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