Here at OTHERWORLD, every kimono is designed to transport you to exotic locales across the globe. We create our own prints, utilizing photos from the founder's travels around the world, which are then digitally printed on luxe fabrics to maintain their photographic origin. Sometimes we'll sharpen a photo, and other times we'll make the photo more abstract. We've even been known to merge two photos together, lay abstract elements on top of one another or mirror an image to create a kaleidoscopic effect - all in the name of wearable art.

The whole print-creation process takes about a month and a half. First, we go through our photo archives from our trip and select the photos we think will best translate to a kimono; generally it's landscape photos and architectural images. From there, we brief our two amazing print designers and they're off to work. We usually see about 15 prints before honing it down to the six to eight prints that make up a collection. Of course there's some tweaking to the prints along the way - adding abstract elements to the images or peeling away layers to leave us with one-of-a-kind artwork. And then there's colors! We select a color palette for the collection first, determined by the colors of country and the hues within our photos. From there, our designers create a bunch of different color ways of each print and we select the top two to three color versions that simply make our jaws drop. Lastly, we deliver our digital print files to the mills for printing on our luxe fabrics.

This Spring & Summer season, it's no surprise we were inspired by our travels to Bali... and now we're taking you even deeper into this magical island by showing you the photographs we used to create our gorgeous prints:

Our Gili Reflections print uses a photo of the the Gili Islands, just off the coast of Bali.

Our Kuta Sunset print uses a photo from a sunrise atop Mt. Batur, and children playing in the tides at sunset along Kuta beach.


Our Ubud Rice Terrace print uses a photo of the lush rice fields in Ubud, central Bali.

Our Pura Bratan Temple Print uses a photo of a beautiful water temple on Lake Bratan.


And our Uluwatu Coastline print uses a photo of fishing boats in Southern Bali.


Can you spot elements of the photos within the prints? We hope so! And we hope our kimonos bring a little piece of Bali home to you.



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Jacqueline Tobe
Jacqueline Tobe

August 22, 2015

Wearable art is such an innovative concept. I love when people compliment my kimono and ask me about the print!

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