The Vogue Trip x OTHERWORLD

OTHERWORLD made a splash in Turks & Caicos this week when Hayley of The Vogue Trip took her Pura Bratan Temple print kimono to the shores. Read the excerpt below and check out the full blog post here.

One of my favorite things to wear on our honeymoon (besides my new wedding bands – eek!) was my kimono from Otherworld Apparel. The kimono was perfectly light weight and flowy with a delicate print. While wearing it at our resort, a sweet young woman working there stopped me to say how special it was to her. What caught her attention was the Pura Ulun Danu Britan printed on it. She explained that it is a Bali temple in Indonesia, and by the look in her eye it was home to her. Tyler and I knew in that moment, if we didn’t give it to her we would always wish we had. While the kimono didn’t come back home with me, the sweet memory did and “the giving kimono” is exactly where it is supposed to be. And let’s be honest, I’ll probably get myself another just as a reminder of our new friend. That’s a good enough reason, right?

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