OTHERWORLD x Six Degrees Society

There's nothing better than gals helping gals, which is exactly what Emily Merrell, founder of Six Degrees Society, is doing with her curated networking events company. She's all about showcasing inspiring women and pushing them to take an interest in their own lives and their success. Because let's face it, life gets interesting when we take an interest in our lives. So when Emily decided to feature OTHERWORLD to her amazing network, we simply could not refuse the chance to help other women in whatever small way we could. Check out the full interview with our founder here, and read an excerpt below:

Fashion that transports: Ashley Smith, Founder of OTHERWORLD


2. Emily: Do you have design background and what's been your biggest challenge in creating awareness for the brand?

Ashley: I have more of a branding background vs. a design background. I created the brand - what it stood for, why people would care and how it would make people feel - before I created the product. 

But in the process, I've learned so much about design! We create our own prints, utilizing photos from my travels around the world. I work with two amazing print designers on both coasts and they each have their own unique design process. Sometimes we'll sharpen a photo, and other times we'll make the photo more abstract when designing prints. We've even been known to merge two photos together, lay abstract elements on top of one another or mirror an image to create a kaleidoscopic effect - all in the name of wearable art.  From there, the file is digitally printed on luxe fabrics to maintain its photographic origin. 

We've created prints inspired by Morocco, Bali, China, Japan and Guatemala. Photos from the Great Wall of China outside Beijing, the Grand Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca and the Rice Terraces in Ubud, Bali have been used to create our prints. You can learn more about our print making process here.

The biggest challenge I have in creating awareness for the brand is just resources. There's only one of me so while I have ambassadors in many cities that help spread the word, I am the only one truly driving the initiatives forward and coming up with new programs and ideas.


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