Tips and Tunes for 2016


As 2015 moves out and 2016 cruises in, we took some time to reflect on new and old habits. Some have made us happier, calmer and more efficient, while others simply aren't serving us any longer. We wanted to share one habit that has truly changed our year: Our Daily 'Get Happy, Get It Done' Practice. It's super simple. When you wake up, maybe even before you get out of bed, answer the following questions either written or in your mind.

1. What would make today great? Choose two things that are totally in your control (i.e. - you don't need anyone else to make them happen) that would make today a spectacular day. It could be calling a friend, treating yourself to an episode of your favorite show, getting that one nagging chore off your 'To Do' list, making your favorite breakfast, or just telling someone you love them. Do these two things. Create a great day for yourself.

2. What two things do I feel really lucky about today? Hold each thing in your mind for 15-20 seconds and really experience what it feels like to be deeply appreciative of these things. It could be your health, your comfy bed, your dog, fresh air or a current creative project you're working on. The list is endless. But rather than listing off five to ten things, just pick two and really feel them.

3. What are the two most important things to get done today? Think of it this way: if you didn't get a particular task finished today, would a project fall behind? Would you miss a deadline? Would it cause an unmanageable amount of stress? If so, that's the thing to prioritize FIRST. If nothing falls into this category today (lucky you!), then just imagine you are only allowed to do two things to move your project, business or personal goal forward. What would those two things be? NOW DO THESE TWO THINGS FIRST. Like really, first. Not after you've cleaned your inbox, not after you've called your mother, FIRST. 

We'd love to hear how this simple exercise works for you. It's certainly made us feel happier and more focused, so we have more time to spend with the people we love, doing the things we love.

We wish you a wonderful New Year's holiday, with equal time to reflect and celebrate. And just remember that some years are the challenging ones, while others are more rewarding. We're petty sure it all evens out in the end, so for those who have had a tough one, there are brighter days ahead. :)

We look forward to more adventures with you in 2016.



PS - Here's a few kick-ass jams to ring in the new year and new vibes.


The Boho Child x Otherworld

Amelie, creator of The Boho Child, goes for an adventure in OTHERWORLD. Check out the full post here and shop our Summer Palace kimono here.

The Boho Child wears OTHERWORLDThe Boho Child wears OTHERWORLD


LISTEN UP: Holiday Soul Train

With parents hailing from the motor city of Detroit, I grew up a Motown Baby. So it's only natural that when it's time to throw on the holiday tunes, I go straight for Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Jackson 5. Let's be clear about one thing: You only have 9 more days to listen to holiday tunes. So all aboard the HOLIDAY SOUL TRAIN. We're lighting up the night.

XO, Ashley



Everyone needs a little kick in their step during the Holiday season. So we made you a 90 minute Shop Till Ya Disco Drop Mix. Rock on, beauties!



"By traveling you cultivate a kindness and a comfort in being a little bit uncomfortable."

Truer words have never been spoken, as our founder Ashley sat down with the amazing team at HRDWRKER. The dazzling duo, JJ and Tito, hand-select hustlers for their video series who are equal parts dreamer and worker. It's about "passion before profit" in the world of a HRDWRKER. What a treat it was to have OTHERWORLD featured and chat about the inspiration for the brand and why we do what we do. Check out the full interview HERE and the video below.


Get Down & Cozy Up, Kittens

Cooler days are ahead, so it's time to cozy up, babes. We made you a playlist to do just that. With a lotta rock, a lil' twang, and a dose of soul, this 90 minute mix will have you wanting to stay in and relax to the max. Listen below and FOLLOW US ON SPOTIFY here.



Shop OTHERWORLD Fuji Dreams Kimono
Here at OTHERWORLD, we value adventure, self-expression, wellness and celebration. These things inspire the way we live and shape what we do as a brand. So with every new season, we think it's important to take a road trip or throw a party, get healthy with a new recipe or fitness regimen, and of course, update our street style with a few new OTHERWORLD pieces.

Join us as we embrace the adventure ahead. Here’s our guide to your most epic Fall yet:
  1. LET’S CELEBRATE: We made you a Fall playlist full of fun beats. Listen here.You can thank us when you’re the hit of the party.
  2. TREAT YO SELF: Here’s a list of 33 healthy pumpkin recipes from our friends at Well & Good. We’ve already tried the pumpkin pie smoothie bowl and spicy pumpkin soup… to die for!
  3. GET OUT THERE: Go apple picking. Take a hike. Cozy up in cashmere and make some chai tea. Or just get in your car and GO. Here’s a list of epic weekend road trips from one of our fav travel sites, Fathom. Whether you live in the northeast, midwest, south or west coast, there’s an adventure in here for everyone.
  4. STRUT YOUR STUFF: Stay cozy with our cashmere kimonos, add some auburn to your wardrobe, go crazy for fringe, and be a show stopper in a beautiful, Fall print.
We'd love to be a part of your adventures, so share with us on Instagram @otherworldapparel. See you out there, beauties.


Gypset Girl x OTHERWORLD

The beautiful Melissa from the blog Gypset Girl soaks up the last bits of Summer is our gorgeous Fuji Dreams kimono. Shop it here!

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Meet Our Model: Natalia Bonifacci

You just know a super model when you see one. That's the feeling we got when we first met the adorably glamorous Natalia Bonifacci. She's truly a total package of beauty, brains and wit. You might even recognize her from the viral video, First Kiss. We shot our East Side Opulence collection on a cold, dewey morning in LA, and this glamazon could not have been more ready to work her magic - a total trooper. While waiting for the rain to pass, we caught up with the Italian-born, LA-based super-model on her recent adventures...
OTHERWORLD: If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and why?
NATALIA: I would catch a flight to Paris, the city where my boyfriend lives. 
OTHERWORLD: What’s been the most epic adventure in your life so far and why?
NATALIA: I'm lucky because throughout my life I've found myself in adventures quite often so it's hard to point out "the most epic". The most recent though was when I went on a road-trip through Sicily with my boyfriend a few months ago. I was blown away. That island has so much to offer - incredible food, unbelievable history, emerald waters, nice people. I'm Italian, so it was also nice to explore my own country for a change. 
OTHERWORLD: What is your favorite Otherworld print from the shoot and why? 
NATALIA: I love the great wall of China print. It's so crisp, and you can see so many details of the wall. I've really never seen anything like it before.
OTHERWORLD: The East Side Opulence collection is inspired by China and Japan. Have you ever been to either place? If so, what did you love about it most?
NATALIA: I'm dying to go to Japan! As far as China, I've only been to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. I enjoyed how foreign everything about the city felt, yet I was there only for three days, so I didn't have much time to explore the city. I was there on a modeling job, we did shoot in different locations, so I feel I did get a taste of the variety that the city offers at least. I remember feeling blown away by how small I felt there - the city is beyond vast, the buildings are all so high, I really got the feeling of over-population.  Usually I'm not a fan of Chinese food, but what I ate over there was magnificent.
OTHERWORLD: We’re all really creative in different ways. How do you express your creativity?
NATALIA: Besides what I do on set for my job, through modeling or acting, I have other outlets as well. I like to draw. I like to write. I make postcards when I travel.
OTHERWORLD: When do you feel the most free, adventurous and beautiful?
NATALIA: Whenever I'm with my boyfriend. And when I come out of the ocean in the Summer, I love that feeling.
OTHERWORLD: What's your favorite place in the world?
NATALIA: There are so many places I love, the list would be so long, but I think when you travel so much you end up enjoying the feeling of being at home; my parent's home in Italy after a long period abroad, my apartment in Los Angeles, and I love being at my boyfriend's apartment in Paris. I love those two cities - LA and Paris. I also have a soft spot for my friend Ana Maria's kitchen in Los Angeles, it's my home away from home.
OTHERWORLD: Tell us something not many people know about you.
NATALIA: I had scoliosis growing up, I used to wear a back-brace as a young teen in highschool.
OTHERWORLD: What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?
NATALIA: Whenever I've been very vulnerable, or when I've been sincere with my feelings towards someone I love or when I risked getting hurt. We live in a world where everyone protects themselves so much. I think to be open and loving, to risk rejection and still deciding to go for it, is bold.
OTHERWORLD: What's your favorite way to wear an Otherworld piece (head scarf, cape, kimono, scarf, skirt, dress, etc.)?
NATALIA: I love it as a beach cover up or head scarf for the Summer and as a neck scarf for the Winter.
OTHERWORLD: Finish the sentence: Wander with...
NATALIA: ...an open heart.
We love you Natalia. Keep rocking!


Autumn Advenchas

When the seasons shift, it's a time to clear out the old vibes and bring in the new ones. So we created a sweet, new playlist for you, filled with all the good vibes we want to carry forward into this next season with us. We hope you dig it as much as we do. Follow us on Spotify for a tons of new tunes, all the time.