Meet our Model: Glam Goddess Casey Richards

We scoured through hundred of images as we went looking for the perfect goddess to represent our Moroccan Rapture collection. When we found Casey Richards with FORD Models LA, we knew we struck glittery gold. Our bold, bohemian adventurer dishes to designer Ashley Smith on her secret LA spots, travel and self love.

Ashley: LA is so big; do you have any secret spots you frequent that make you feel like the city is all yours?

Casey: Many! I frequently visit a number of coffee shops near me where I tend to get excited and make friends. Anywhere I make friends really makes me feel welcome there.

Ashley: If you were headed to the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert tomorrow, what five things (and five things only) would you bring?

Casey:  My journal, stamps (I love letters), a pen, a blanket, and my swimsuit. Phew.

Ashley: What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Casey: I try to be bold every day, but for me, posing in swimwear and lingerie isn't super natural. It’s a practice in self love and acceptance, which is bold in today’s world.

Ashley: When you’re not looking foxy in front of the camera, in what moments do you feel most beautiful?

Casey: When I'm dancing or laughing with my friends and family. 

Ashley: What’s your fave Otherworld print and why?

Casey: Moroccan Mosaic in purple! (Available in November for our upcoming Holiday collection!)

Ashley: Favorite way to wear an Otherworld piece?

Casey: As a head-scarf because it's pretty and unusual.

Ashley: Finish this sentence: Wander with ______.

Casey: Gratitude

We’re grateful for you, Casey. You’re gorgeous inside and out! Xoxo

Written by Danielle Beckford
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